Newtown – The Impossible House – Bespoke – Sustainable

Bespoke. Sustainable.

Owner Laura is on a mission to undertake a substantial renovation to her inner-city Sydney property that follows the principles of sustainability.

With high ideals, she initially struggled to find a team to help her with her quest (she went through seven architects before choosing Paul Adams from Fairweather Homes as well as a project manager). Her main goal was to prove that you can renovate or build in a sustainable manner, but without the end result being an ‘old hippie house’ as she called it.

When we met to discuss the interiors, she was excited to realise that sustainability was also a driving force behind all my designs. She is relying on my knowledge, contact book and experience – as well as passion for colour! In what is almost a labour of love, I am helping her realise her dream of creating a beautiful, sustainable home full of artisan-led elements and bespoke fixtures and fittings. Working with community artists and accredited suppliers, the project will result in an off-the-grid home that follows guiding principles in terms of renewable energies, minimum waste, harvested rainwater and best practice passive energy design in an urban setting – without compromising on style.