DDINTERIORS, along with MODUS ARCHITECTS and KING BUILD GROUP have a collective attitude towards Sustainable Design & Construction.

Our collaborative approach embraces Life Cycle Design and Construction methods for both Residential and Commercial projects, for a more sustainable future.

We design smarter, more efficient buildings, work with technology to reduce energy and waste, retrofit existing dwellings, create, and build beautiful Sustainable Designer Homes, Workplaces, and Public Spaces. The Architectural, Interior Design and Construction planning are fully integrated from the concept stage, the layout and design for each home or space is considered from the onset, determining efficient and effective use of space and flow, the long-term impact, and effects of the design.         


Paul Adams, Architect and Director of MODUS, is leading the way in the design of prefab buildings using sustainably soured timber, off site manufacture and construction.

As stewards of the environment during the build process, King Building Group prioritise sustainable construction practices, from incorporating energy-efficient technologies and materials to implementing sustainable waste solutions and the conservation of resources.

In unison, we embrace a life cycle approach when it comes to our practice, we are big on recycling, salvaging, and upcycling, for building materials and “throwaway” items, which would generally end up as landfill. Materials and finishes are given careful consideration, ensuring that the content and the manufacturing processes are in keeping with our high standards so to ensure that the Design, along with the material selection provide the highest contribution to passive design and quality control.                                                         

Through working symbiotically with Architect Paul Adams and Dean & Ben of King Build Group the exchange of knowledge and ideas assist the homeowner to visualise and realise a well-managed sustainability project. Our collaboration not only results in a beautiful bespoke designer home or space, but it is also sympathetic to the environment and the individual client, and the way each wishes to live.

At the heart of Denby Dowling Interiors is the relationship with people and the relationship that people have with their homes, spaces, and community environments.

As a creative empath, I have always had a curiosity and fascination for the environment and for people, animals, places & inanimate objects! My artistic pursuits, whether it be drawing, painting, or designing, rise from the beauty of nature, and often the cruelty and brutality of it. 

When it comes to our daily lives, we need to do things better, as the cruelty I speak of includes the unnecessary waste, we all produce daily, causing harm to our planet and its inhabitants. 

With the building industry contributing to over 60% of our waste and landfill, we @ DDI are changing the ‘landscape’ regarding Sustainable Design, Building and Construction practices. The growing number of people, who seek to be more socially responsible, are a driving force when it comes to industry standards, technology, experimentation, and ‘green’ certification and although there is a collective consciousness and concern for the environment in the mainstream, there needs to be more awareness in the building industry. 

We design smarter and more efficient buildings, retrofit existing houses with technology and materials that reduce energy and water use, investigate, and promote suppliers and products that are certifiably ‘GREEN’ and of course, we upcycle, recycle and reduce waste in every which way we can.

My team and I strive to do our bit, and we would love to help you to do your bit too!

King Build

King Building Group are trusted Residential and Commercial Builders, specialising in Architectural Builds, Sustainable Construction and Renovations. Founded in 2020, King Building Group has grown to become a well-regarded name in the industry, serving clients across Gadigal, Darkinjung and Dharawal country – Sydney, Central Coast and the Illawarra regions, and soon to be branching out South and North of the East Coast.

King Building Group brings together more than 40 years of building industry experience, along with an expansive network of trades and suppliers. This experience informs the teams collaborative approach which is central to achieving Sustainable Build outcomes. From problem solving to turning plans into a reality, the team understands how to bring a modern, environmental conscious build vision to life.  

As stewards of the environment during the build process, King Building Group prioritise sustainable construction practices, from incorporating energy-efficient technologies and materials to implementing sustainable waste solutions and the conservation of resources.

By adopting sustainable practices, we are creating better environmental and wellbeing outcomes for not only our clients who get to live in and enjoy the space but for future generations to come, and with six children between King Build Group Directors Dean and Ben, creating a sustainable future is not just a passion, but something much closer to home.

The interior finishes and furnishing scheme is as deserving as the external fabric of a sustainable home and by working symbiotically with the architect the exchange of knowledge and ideas assist the homeowner in creating a beautiful, bespoke designer home that is not only sympathetic to the environment but to the individual client and the way they live.

We embrace a life cycle approach to all our designs: big on recycling, salvaging and upcycling of building materials and “throwaway” items. We regenerate furnishings and decorative items, pre-loved, second hand and vintage items.

Using and Promoting Sustainable Local Businesses/ products

We source innovative products from suppliers that adhere to environmentally friendly, ethically produced, sustainably focused materials, and always work with and promote local suppliers and artisans.

This includes bespoke furniture and lighting designers and makers, ceramic artists, textile and wallpaper printers and vintage/second-hand traders who live, work and produce in our local communities. We can help you create an interior aesthetic that reflects curated, considered materials such as timber from managed forests, recycled materials, zero VOC paints and ethically produced textiles, in a design-conscious way and we wholeheartedly believe that investing in designer and bespoke pieces, which will last indefinitely and can be passed onto future generations, is the core foundation of sustainable interior design.

Indeed, we see this as the future of good design, Denby Dowling Interiors.

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