Clovelly project – art deco decadence

A lover of colour and art, client Maria had recently returned to Australia from the US and wanted an interior design for her new home that matched her impressive art collection. As an artist myself, I enjoyed the chance to allow her collection to have an appropriate backdrop, while playing on the beautiful Art Deco details found in the Eastern Suburbs apartment.

The original interior was a conservative monochromatic scheme, and lacked personality, but I allowed pattern and colour to collide in a fun and energetic way. Taking cues from Maria’s amazing collection of beautiful plates, I gave free range to my creative spirit and used a bold palette throughout. Rich jewel tones and vibrant wallpaper added energy to the space and imbued the apartment with personality and life. I also designed and commissioned beautiful bespoke cabinetry for the apartment, resulting in handcrafted showstopping pieces that anchored the rooms and provided practical storage solutions.