Denby Dowling

Denby has worked in the design industry for over 25 years, as an Interior Designer/ Decorator and Interior Stylist, both nationally and internationally. Denby’s passion for interiors and design is contagious and her professional work ethic is applaudable, her energy boundless.

The best part about working in the design industry is helping clients to realise their own personal style and vision – I love the close interpersonal relationships I form with each client when striving for an individual look and feel for a home, work or commercial space and although it is a much used cliché the ‘journey’ from concept to reality is the best part of cohesive creativity, which provides for a very rewarding career, a sense of achievement and fulfilment and you make many lifelong friends along the way! 

Denby Dowling Interiors design foundation is clear – we pride ourselves on delivering individual schemes for each and every client with one consistent theme- timeless and enduring style and furnishings, an interiors scheme which can be enjoyed for decades to come.

We source innovative and high end furnishings, Designer and Bespoke pieces as well as products from suppliers that adhere to environmentally friendly, ethically produced, sustainably focused materials and always work with and promote local suppliers and artisans, such as bespoke furniture & lighting designers and makers, visual artists, ceramic artists, textile and wallpaper printers and vintage/second hand traders who live, work and produce in our local communities.

We embrace a life cycle approach to all of our designs. We are big on recycling, salvaging and up cycling; building materials and “throwaway” items and we regenerate furnishings and decorative items, pre-loved, second hand and vintage items.

Denby Dowling 

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We always give new life to those special pieces that have a story, the things that you love, pride of place in your home. We implement furnishings and objects of desire which may be passed on to future generations as we wholeheartedly believe that this is at the core of Interior Design as a practice and the principles of sustainability.