Working in the Design Industry is of course a very rewarding vocation to be in, being able to work creatively with so many wonderful design styles, but more so, with so many like minded creatives, who give their all, when helping our clients to realise their own personal style and vision.

I do love the close personal relationships I form with my clients, when striving for an individual look and style for their home, work or commercial space. Each client, being uniquely different, deserves a uniquely different Design Scheme, and it is so rewarding being part of the excitement and joy the finished Design and Style bring.

Creative Design and collaboration bring a great sense of achievement and fulfilment and many lifelong friends are made along the way.

Who we are

Denby has worked in the Arts, Design and Building Industry for over 25 years, as an Interior Designer/Decorator, Interiors Stylist and Project Manager, both nationally & internationally.

Denby’s passion for Interiors and Design is contagious and her professional work ethic is applaudable, her energy boundless.

Why we do it

Denby Dowling Interiors design foundation is clear, we pride ourselves in delivering well considered individual schemes for each client we work with, with a consistent theme- timeless and enduring style, quality finishes and furnishings, with an emphasis on functionality. We deliver timeless Homes and spaces to be enjoyed for decades to come.

How we do it

Denby Dowling Interiors is a Boutique Interior Design Practice specialising in New Builds, Renovations, Additions, Restorations and Green Homes, where Sustainability Practices are at the fore.

Denby and her team design, build, renovate, restore, and create unique, custom-built homes and spaces.

‘We deliver bespoke homes and spaces which showcase quality finishes, features and furnishings, all the while working closely with and respecting each client’s personal vison and budget’

DDI offer Architectural Design, Interior Design, Sustainable Design, Interior Decoration, Heritage and Restoration Services, and Project Management for all styles of homes, office and retail spaces, hospitality venues and aged care developments.

Whether the style of your project is a Contemporary/Modern New Build, an Historical Restoration /Renovation, Sustainable/Green home design or a much-loved iconic Design Style you wish to implement DDI design & build in a way that offers flexibility throughout the design process through to construction.

We offer comprehensive list of INTERIOR DESIGN and ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN services and packages, to include:
SELECTIONS SCHEDULES, for all Fixtures and Fittings, Materials and Finishes.
ENGINEERING, Reports and Drawings.
BASIX Certificates.
CDC & DA certification.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT, through to handover.

Denby and her team focus on:

New Builds, Renovations, Restorations and Additions.

Green Homes, Prefab Design and Sustainability.

Commercial Office and Retail fit outs and Aged Care Facilities.


We embrace a life cycle approach to all of our designs. We are big on recycling, salvaging and up cycling; building materials and “throwaway” items and we regenerate furnishings and decorative items, pre-loved, second hand and vintage items.

We always give new life to those special pieces that have a story, the things that you love, pride of place in your home. We implement furnishings and objects of desire which may be passed on to future generations as we wholeheartedly believe that this is at the core of Interior Design as a practice and the principles of sustainability.


Discover Interior Design, Architure Interior, Sustainable Design, Builds & Reconvations and our process.