In the fight against climate change and reduction of emissions, what can we do as a society to aid the cause?

Apart from a fundamental shift in collective thinking – as evidenced by the growing number of people who seek to be more socially responsible and live sustainably, to care for this planet and its future – we need to design smarter and more efficient buildings, retrofit existing houses with technology to reduce energy and water use and of course, we need to reduce waste.

The implementation of sustainability principles as part of the interior design process is a rapidly growing concept in this country and the “need for sustainable environment is an obligation rather than a will, in order to survive”.

At the heart of Denby Dowling Interiors is the relationship of people to their spaces and improving their quality of life.

Our mission for sustainable interior design is to challenge outdated views and perceptions about sustainable homes and their aesthetics. We create beautifully designed, custom-fitted-and-furnished bespoke homes for all our clients – not only sustainability-focused clients – who may want to include sustainable features and elements or wish for their homes to be totally off-grid.

We fully integrate the architectural and interior design planning, concepts and scheme so the long-term impact and effects of materials used in both construction and furnishings are considered from the beginning.

Materials are evaluated so we may provide the client with information on materials and products that provide the highest contribution to thermal mass, insulation and passive design, and we consider and determine an efficient and effective use of space and flow.

The interior finishes and furnishing scheme is as deserving as the external fabric of a sustainable home and by working symbiotically with the architect the exchange of knowledge and ideas assist the homeowner in creating a beautiful, bespoke designer home that is not only sympathetic to the environment but to the individual client and the way they live.

We embrace a life cycle approach to all our designs: big on recycling, salvaging and upcycling of building materials and “throwaway” items. We regenerate furnishings and decorative items, pre-loved, second hand and vintage items.

We source innovative products from suppliers that adhere to environmentally friendly, ethically produced, sustainably focused materials, and always work with and promote local suppliers and artisans. This includes bespoke furniture and lighting designers and makers, ceramic artists, textile and wallpaper printers and vintage/second-hand traders who live, work and produce in our local communities. We can help you create an interior aesthetic that reflects curated, considered materials such as timber from managed forests, recycled materials, zero VOC paints and ethically produced textiles, in a design-conscious way and we wholeheartedly believe that investing in designer and bespoke pieces, which will last indefinitely and can be passed onto future generations, is the core foundation of sustainable interior design.

Indeed, we see this as the future of good design, Denby.