[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Are you looking for Interior Design and Decoration ideas and advice but don’t know where to begin or just don’t have the time to invest in the project?” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]

Are you after expert advice on style, colours, decorative finishes and direction with layout and spatial design for your new build or renovation?

Do you need an experienced Interior Decoration and Design team to coordinate the project and alleviate you from any stress and worry and who can ultimately save you time and money?

Would you like to work with a team of Designers and Decorators who have established relationships with reputable suppliers and the ability to source stylistic pieces from around the world?

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Whether you are at the onset of the Architectural and Interior Design stage, working with a Builder or Property Development Company, just purchased a property and want to make it your own, maximise its potential or wish to upgrade your existing property Denby Dowling Interiors has the expertise & the experience to transform your homes interior and your lifestyle.

All of your design and decorating goals and aspirations will be executed with intuitive vision & a creative mindset. A professional and organised approach ensures solutions are devised to create a look and function that is polished & pulled together. With complete attention to detail, all of your repairs, construction, electrical, flooring, plumbing, landscaping, painting and decorating aspects will be taken care of. We take the stress out of your decorating project with our Project Management and Coordination service, turning a daunting process into an effortless exercise.

Denby Dowling Interiors saves you the time and trouble of finding competent and reliable trades people by referring our network of professional and experienced trades people with whom we have worked steadily with over the years. Allow us to oversee your project for the best possible results.

We work with Architects, Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Builders, Building Companies and a wide diversity of Residential and Commercial clients. We work from the onset of development planning to hand over, to renovations and restorations through to preparing your property for sale and Property Styling services. We offer a hassle and obligatory free complimentary initial consult to define your needs, goals and aspirations.

Once engaged, we pride ourselves on tailoring a design service and decorating package that best suits each clientʼs individual taste and budget. Please contact us either via phone or email to arrange an appointment. We are able to assist with all aspects of your design goals, we can help you to save money by illuminating costly mistakes, precious time and most importantly piece of in mind in the knowledge that your project is being managed in the most professional and constructive manner.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Denby Dowling Interiors Design and Decoration processes consists of:” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Briefing ” heading_tag=”h4″ sub_heading_margin=”margin-top:20px;”]Initial consultation/briefing; where we determine your functional, spatial, aesthetic and budget requirements, and objectives.[/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Interior Advice & Concepts” heading_tag=”h4″ sub_heading_margin=”margin-top:20px;”]Interior Design advice, ideas & plans. Plus Mood / Concept boards with suitably sourced styles and furniture pieces and accessories.[/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Colour Conception” heading_tag=”h4″ sub_heading_margin=”margin-top:20px;”]Colour concepts and spatial planning. Sourcing and selection of fabric, colour and material swatches.[/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Design Development” heading_tag=”h4″ sub_heading_margin=”margin-top:20px;”]Design development such as bespoke pieces, floor and wall coverings hard surfaces, materials, fixtures & fittings and lighting.[/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Purchasing” heading_tag=”h4″ sub_heading_margin=”margin-top:20px;”]Purchasing, we do the legwork – order all items – coordinate and oversee all deliveries and installation.[/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Interior Styling” heading_tag=”h4″ sub_heading_margin=”margin-top:20px;”]Interior Decoration/Interior Styling, we arrange all furnishings and accessories and complete the look for you.[/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”You may choose to go with all of the above services with our complete design package or choose a specific service charged at an hourly rate. Our rates vary according to amount of hours we agree to commit to and the contract we enter in to. We are happy for you to have as much or as little input in the project as you are willing & able to provide.” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading][us_separator type=”default” style=”dashed”]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Call us to book an appointment on 0418 604 782 or Email us at [email protected]” heading_tag=”h4″ main_heading_color=”#ffffff”][/ultimate_heading]