Interior Decoration Style Trends 2014

May 14, 2014
Denby Dowling

Favourite looks & design pieces

Interior Decoration Design Trends 2014: Interior design styles & trends much like fashion is forever changing. Although my personal Interior Design style is very reflective of Mid Century Design & Scandinavian looks & styles, I mix my scheme up each season with colours & styles that are on trend. Whether it be home wares, textiles, accessories or smaller one off furniture pieces, I am able to create a look that is reflective of the season whilst not compromising my own personal style.

When Designing and Decorating for my clients, who’s vision & adopted style is very different & completely reflective of their own personality & home, I not only endeavour to create an individual look that is timeless but one that has contemporary elements & incorporates some of the many & varied current design trends. The later is a cost affective & easy way to achieve a quirky & current look that is intimate & playful whilst complimenting a timeless scheme.

Design trends reflect innovative and beautiful home decorating ideas and stylish room colors that leading manufacturers of home furnishings over the world adopt. Traditional home furnishings from several decades of design are being mixed with new items, inspired by exotic trends create an exciting blend of timelessly elegant and innovative interior design ideas.

A large variety of style and color combinations create beautiful, comfortable and bright modern home interiors for any taste and lifestyle. Reds, oranges, citrus yellows aqua’s & blues are reflective of retro designers use of colour. Black, gold, soft pinks, soft blues & greens, antique metal colors are a very romantic interior design palate. Naturals, which reflect different timber, stone, & metallic colours, create a tranquil environment, which has rich natural warmth. Tribal or Mediterranean colours such as bright reds, yellows, rusts-oranges, aqua’s & bright blues create their own style & home interiors that bring the luxury of Middle East and Asian interior design ideas.

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